Chinese Social Media Marketing for your Target Market

Did you know that Chinese speakers are the world’s most active social media participants? Chinese Social media Marketing is key to not only building your brand in the region, but also presents a huge opportunity to drive revenue. Working across such sites as Weibo and WeChat, we don’t just manage branding activity but also focus on generating return and driving core business KPIs (Key Performance Indicator’s). Chose Bizcrave Marketing, experts in Chinese Social Media Marketing!


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Benefits & Capabilities

Attract the right clients

Tailoring your software to attract clients that you want to work with.

Distribution optimization

Distributing to the fitting networks to engage your buyer persona.

Customer experience

Clientele that love your software and service, who see your brand as one of a kind, and trust your advice

You’re in Good Company

Here’s some of the businesses that use Bizcrave’s Consulting and Strategic Planning to create revenue winning customer experience.

Bizcrave has made a marked improvement in sales for our business. They continue, on a daily basis, to come up with new and innovative ways to bring customers to our door.

What kind of money are we talking about?


Full Service Chinese Social Media Marketing

We believe that any money that you spend on your Chinese Social Media Marketing is an investment in your future that will return significantly more than the expense. If you’re thinking of Chinese Social Media Marketing as an expense, there’s a strong likelihood that you won’t gain anything out of the experience.

Let us handle the tough stuff. Whether you’re an English or Chinese-speaking business, we’ll gain you the trust and interest of the Chinese market. Bizcrave Marketing will implement a social media plan based on your goals for your social media platform and provide detailed reporting.

Every project is custom, but you can see a sample of Social Media Marketing Proposal.

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