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What kind of money are we talking about?

How Much Should a Good Website Cost me, Anyway?

It can be really difficult to get a firm price range for a website design project without going through the headache of contacting multiple web designers and requesting quotes from them. Most web designers will give you the typical short answer – “It all depends”, and, yes, that is very true. Prices for sites vary quite a lot depending on what specific features you need, yet they still fall within a general range, and here it is (updated June 2015):

Basic custom-designed Websites (1-10 pages): $400-$10,000

ex. Creating a site from scratch

Large sites (10+ pages or sites with lots of programming): $10,000-$25,000

ex. A large web application or custom social media site

Just for your information – a typical small to medium business site usually costs between $2,000-$6,000.

Is it possible to get a customized website for less than $1,000?

Yes, but you more than likely won’t like the final product. The lowest price you’ll find for an entire custom web design will be roughly $400-$500, which will more than likely come from overseas (most of the time from Pakistan or India). These sites are usually of really, really low quality, and likely will do little to nothing for your businesses overall success. Online-Marketing in the United States is an incredibly difficult practice, even if your primary language is English – imagine how more difficult it can become with a language barrier! If you are seriously looking to make money online, you’ll need a higher quality site than your competitors, and then these overseas web designers will usually offer.

For a reasonably high-quality site from a United States firm, the minimum price is usually around $4k. With any eCommerce functionality, firms will usually charge at least $6,ooo.

What if my designer wants an hourly rate?

Overseas work: $5-$40

Freelance work: $30-$90 (usually)

Professional work: $45-$120

Pay-by-the-hour is not rare among freelancers, but if you are working on a large or complex project – beware! This can cause you more of a headache than you may expect! Your cost can quickly get away from you if your designer runs into a roadblock (or decides to exaggerate the number of hours he/she has actually worked). Try avoiding an hourly rate if at all possible. Nearly all projects can be settled with an easy flat rate. If not, make sure you have a bona-fide contract in place that limits the number of hours you can be charged or be ready for a much much more pricey site!

Other website costs

Web hosting: $4-$50 a month

Your hosting fee is the way that you pay “rent” for your website online. For most basic websites, you should not need a whole lot more than 1 GB of space per year and 3-10 GB of bandwidth. As you begin to see growth though, you will want to expand your hosting, but unless you are streaming videos or hosting large image files, that likely won’t be necessary soon. Most web design firms will work with your existing hosting provider (if you already have one), so don’t feel as though you are required to switch every time you need a redesign.

Domain registration: $7-$14/year

Your domain registration fee renews that is paid annually gives you exclusive right to the use of your domain name. You can register a domain through your web designer or on your own. Beware: if your web designer is registering your domain name for you, and you’re not completely sure if they are 100% trustworthy, make sure that they register the domain in your name, not theirs. If the domain is registered with their business name, domain providers may assume that they are the actual rightful owner of your domain – which means if you ever need to switch web designers, you’ll be unable to do so without going through the designer. You can’t imagine how often we confront clients who have been extorted by their web designers over their domain names – sleazy designers will require a “transfer payment” to give over the rights of the domain, sometimes $700 or more, which is absolutely ludicrous! Make sure you never get into this position!

That’s just about all!

Just for your information – Bizcrave Marketing charges $2,500 for a small business site (one of the lowest prices online), which includes a high-quality completely custom web design, marketing assistance, and lots of other complimentary stuff! Get a free quote today.

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